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Monday, June 9, 2014

An Afternoon With Ava O'Shay

Today, I had the privilege of interviewing author Ava O’Shay. I really enjoyed speaking with her. I hope after reading her interview, you’ll go out and purchase her books. (Please note: The first part of the interview will post today and the remainder tomorrow).

Hello Ava O’Shay! Thank you for going me today on the couch! Let’s begin…please give my followers a little background about yourself. I was born in raised in the Seattle area and after many years trudging through the social awkwardness of high school and the whirl wind of college romances on the rolling wheat fields of Pullman, I finally landed in the Seattle area writing about the hell, horror, and don't forget hot romance of youth.  I love all things outdoors and can be found hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, or doing anything that will work up a good sweat and get my characters to open up to  me and keep the story moving.  I have two college age boys that are very useful at providing me insight into the world of Young Adult.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? I have always been an avid writer and reader.  I have notebooks full of silly stories of youth and altered endings of books I wasn’t satisfied with and rewrote in to fulfill my need for a happy ending.  I began to think I could actually write a book when my son’s hit high school and I had more time to myself.  It became a therapeutic thing at first.  Dealing with demons of the past in a way I that provided me with closure.

What genre do you write and why did you choose that genre? I write a variety of genres.  YA paranormal was the first book I wrote, but I don’t see another paranormal coming anytime soon.  I have written Two New Adult Contemporary and an Adult Erotica.  I think the New Adult is my favorite and definitely in the realm of Contemporary Romance.  I am a hopeless romantic and didn’t have much romance in those wonderful years from college to semi adulthood and love to write about the trials and tribulations of that time.

How long does it take you to write a book? I am a fast writer if the characters are cooperating.  I can whip out a first draft in a few months if my schedule works for me even faster. 

What is your work schedule like when you're writing? Since I work full time I try to schedule my writing time from 7-10 pm every night.  If I get extra time I will certainly whip out my laptop and jot a few lines down.  If I am not working I try to schedule some time in the morning and then later in the evening for writing. 

How can readers find you & where can they purchase your books? My blog  has many updates and readers can sign up for my newsletter where I post deleted chapters and alternate POV scenes.   Here is my Facebook author page  and my personal page where readers are always welcome

My books are on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

I will be on a Barnes and Noble Summer Book tour in Washington State starting in June, the dates will be posted on my blog.  

Any final words? I love to interact with my readers.  I will respond to messages and really like hearing opinions and discussing story arcs.  I think most authors do…so don’t ever feel like we are not just normal lovers of books like everyone else.

About Entrusted

Thrust into a world of Native American legends about Skinwalkers and Ancient Ones, Emma Hunter finds herself in the middle of a battle for a heart holding great powers – A heart hidden within her. 
Seventeen-year-old Emma wants what every teenage girl wants: a life that revolves around school, her friends, and a boyfriend who only has eyes for her. Little does she know that in order to get one, she must sacrifice the other two.  After a series of events put into motion by Luke, the boy she thought loved her, Emma is kicked out of her group home and her school. Her best friend mysteriously vanishes and now she’s forced to move to a secluded coastal town, where she hopes to escape Luke’s obsessive control. Instead, she finds her dreams invaded not only by Luke, but Solomon, a mysterious Native American warrior sent to protect her. 
But when Solomon shows up in her reality to explain he’s her protector, she soon learns that he’s so much more. As Emma struggles to understand what’s happening to her, she must also deal with her undeniable attraction to Solomon. Their connection is stronger than anything Emma has ever experienced before and now she must decide: can she trust him with her heart? And just how far will she go to protect it?

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