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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Social Affair Blog Tour

Today, I’m hosting Pat Tucker’s A Social Affair Blog Tour. Normally, I interview the author. I decided to do something different this time. Pat is offering advice for online dating. I’m sure you’re wondering why? A Social Affair by Pat Tucker and Earl Sewell is about online dating and what could happen if you’re not careful.

About the book

Online dating is quickly becoming the norm...

In A social Affair (Atria Books/Strebor Books; Feb. 2013) readers get a glimpse into the ugly side of online dating, when two people meet on Facebook and create false personas. Their charade turns into a torrid love affair, but they neglect to tell each other they’re married in real life. Online dating statistics indicate more than 40 million people date online, despite the possible pitfalls involved, online dating continues to grow in popularity. Social Media sites like Facebook, and online dating sites such as,, and others, have become the new singles bars.

Online Dating Tips from Pat

If you’re a little uncomfortable with the idea of Internet dating, you may soon be counted in the minority. Online dating statistics indicate more than 40 million people date online, and the growing popularity of social media sites, and online dating sites, means the number of people logging on to find love will increase.

But if you plan to log on to try and find your soul mate, be warned, the Internet is packed with a lots of scam and fake people. Despite this reality, there are still a number of good ones you can meet online. Remember, most of us are horrible lie detectors in face-to-face interaction, so you can imagine, we're even worse when it comes to knowing whether someone is lying online.

Online dating may be worth a shot, but remember, it’s easy to be duped by online suitors, so here are some tips to make sure you do it right.

Do your homework: The internet makes it quick and easy to research anyone you’re interacting with online. Remember, real people have traceable footprints in cyberspace. If the online persona is the only thing available about this person, he/she may not exist.

Be realistic: Don’t allow your quest for a happily-ever-after, to dictate your expectations.
Commercials that depict smiling, married couples, who met online, are a sales pitch. Realize that there are tons of horror stories that end in tragedy and those are rarely broadcast to the masses. Limit the fantasy, and be realistic with your expectations.

Play it safe: Lead with your head instead of your heart. Keep the very rules that have guided you to love through-out the years close. Don’t allow this new setting to fool you into taking unnecessary risks, all of the same common-sense rules you've used in the past, should still apply.

Use common sense: Keep in mind that like in real life, online communities are not perfect. It’s easy to be duped by online suitors because online communities provide the perfect setting for anonymity, and that makes it easy for people to hide behind those perfect, unrealistic, personas.

Hang on to personal information: Regardless of the level of trust you think you've established, if you've never met this person in real life, you should avoid sharing personal information.   

Take it slow: If social media sites, and online dating sites are a new experience and you’re not cyber savvy, take it slow. This is not the time, nor place for spontaneity. Advances in technology have made it easy to get in touch, and stay in touch, but don’t allow that to force you to move at a rapid pace.

With heightened awareness, and caution, you can make sure your quest for love online doesn't become the stuff authors write about. Pat Tucker is the co-author of A Social Affair-the story of a couple who meets online and lie about being single in real life. The novel is available everywhere books are sold.

Pat is giving one lucky reader a copy of A Social Affair. To enter, you must post a comment here and sign up for Pat’s email mailing list by visiting