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Monday, December 26, 2011

Spotlighting Pat Tucker

Today, I'm spotlighting Pat Tucker. By day, Pat Tucker Wilson works as a radio news director in Houston, TX. By night, she is a talented writer with a knack for telling page-turning stories. A former television news reporter, she draws on her background to craft stories readers will love. With more than 15 years of media experience, the award-winning broadcast journalist has worked as a reporter for ABC, NBC and Fox affiliate TV stations and Radio stations in California and Texas. She also co-hosts the literary talk show, From Cover to Cover. Pat has wowed editors with her ability to turn out five to ten thousand words a day. But it's not just quantity that has Pat at the top of her game. The quality of her stories is what keeps the readers coming back. A much sought-after ghost writer, Pat gets her greatest joy in creating her own stories. She is the author of six novels and has participated in three anthologies, including Zane’s New York Times Bestseller, Caramel Flava.

A graduate of San Jose State University, Pat is a member of the National and Houston Association of Black Journalists and Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. She is married with two children. 

Not only do you write under the name Pat Tucker, you also have a couple pseudonyms. Tell us the names of all your books.

In addition to Pat Tucker, I write under the pen name PL Wilson (ebooks-The Holy Hustler & Sweetwater Sinners and Bible Thumpers-Dec. 2011)

Tricia Tucker 
I write for Ravenous Romance-these are erotic Romance stories-Hip Hop Heat, Gold Diggers, and the Big O.

Pat Tucker
Football Widows-Daddy by Default  The Hook Up, Infidelity, Led Astray, Proceed with Caution. Short stories-Closet Freak (Caramel Flava-Zane's NY Times bestseller) Armed & Dangerous (Around the way girls 3) The Night I fell in Love (Summer Breeze) 

Rikki Dixon

Try Me

How did you come up with the story, Football Widows?

I am a Football Widow myself being the wife of a high school head football coach, however, this story is Fiction! This story is the product of my vivid imagination. Because I know how men are so obsessed and focused on sports during the season, I decided to allow readers to peek into the lives of NFL wives during the Season of a ficticous NFL team. I enjoyed writing this book and hope readers enjoy the story.

Out of all your books, which was your favorite to write and why?  Daddy By Default was one of my proudest accomplishments. I was able to both educate and entertain readers with that book. A reader told me she felt like every man should read that book, and I agree. It was fiction, but based on Facts. And the fact is, the problem of Paternity Fraud is growing at a rapid rate. Many Men and Father's rights groups are teaming up to change the laws across this country. And while there are those cases where a woman isn't maliciously pointing the finger at the wrong man, in some cases that's exactly what happens and these groups say they're fed up. They want the laws changed and in cases where Fraud is proven, they want the women held responsible the same way the men are. Can you tell, you don't even want to get me started on this topic! LOL. Also, we are finally in serious talks with a company about a movie based on the novel, and the sequel 'You are NOT the Father!' drops November 2012!!!!

If you could collaborate with any author, who would it be and why? I would LOVE to write a book with Alisha Yvonne, Daaimah S. Poole and Kwan! I think Alisha is a great storyteller.  I enjoy every single story Daaimah writes and think we would make an awesome team. I love Kwan's writing style and I appreciate the fact that he's such a profound wordsmith, meaning he cares about the craft or writing and really takes readers on an incredible ride. Unfortunately they don't feel the same way about me! LOL

When did you know that writing was what you wanted to do? Ive been writing for the majority of my life. I knew from a very early age that I was meant to be a storyteller. So I've made my passion for reading and writing my career both as a journalist and as an author.

Tell my followers something about yourself that they would be surprised to know/your hobbies. How much time do we have? LOL Well, I'm obsessed with miniature things. I'm not sure why but I will spend too much money on miniature bottles of mouthwash, lotions, body oils, anything that's small. I'm not sure why, it's strange, but for some reason I fall in love with miniature items.

What is one tip you would give to those who are trying to write their 1st book? The most important piece of advice I'd pass along to writers is to KEEP WRITING and Reading! You won't finish the book if you don't write, and in my opinion, the best writers are those who read!

How can readers contact you? I am all over social media networks-Facebook/pattucker twitter/authorpattucker Facebook/plwilson-Reader pages: Facebook/authorpattuckerreaders Facebook/minglewithpattucker

Thank you Pat for stopping by. I'm sure my readers have enjoyed learning more about Pat Tucker.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spotlighting D.L. Sparks


Do you like reading romantic suspense? Well, you're going to love D.L. Sparks' new book, Between Friends.This December three friends reunite setting the streets of Atlanta on fire. A drug bust gone wrong brings D.E.A. agent ORLANDO “TRIP” SPENCER back to his hometown after being gone for years and he’s not the only one unhappy about the return home. IDALIS ARRINGTON and Trip have been best friends since they were little. Nothing or nobody could come between them, that’s until she meets Lincoln. With Trip back in Atlanta Idalis’ perfect world starts to get messy and she finds herself praying that his visit is a short one. But the question is can she hold it together or will the sound of the skeletons in her own closet drown out what she’s convinced herself has been the truth all these years? LINCOLN “LINC’ BRISCOE, a Lieutenant with the Atlanta Police Department, knows he has a lot at stake and his girl’s best friend or not he refuses to let anyone, especially Trip Spencer, jeopardize what he’s worked so hard to gain.
Will Trip and Lincoln be able to avoid the collision course they’ve been on all these years or will they collide and explode, taking down everyone, including their careers, in their wake? Can Idalis handle the pressure brought on by Trip and Lincoln’s animosity or will she crack revealing her own shortcomings?
 There is no telling what can happen when the truth is revealed

D.L. is also a featured author in Holiday Sirens. 10 awesome authors, 10 awesome books. 

I had the honor of interview D.L. Her writing style is out of this world. Each character in all her novels has their own unique voice. Sit back and enjoy the interview. My prayers is that you will support her.


Me: Tell the readers something about yourself that they would be surprised to know/your hobbies.
D.L.: I love to go to the batting cages. It relives stress for me and it’s a great workout.

Me: What is one tip you would give those who are trying to become a writer?
D.L.: Learn your craft inside and out. If you want to write suspense, learn the art of writing suspense. Eat, sleep, breathe, read suspense. There is more to it than just a story with a surprise ending. 

Me: Did you always want to be a writer?
D.L.: No. I actually have a degree in accounting. I thought that’s what I was supposed to do because everyone else around me was doing it. Going to college and studying law or business, so I figured why not. But my heart wasn’t in it.

Me: What is one thing you hope that readers would get from reading any of your books?
D.L.: Growth. I strive to show some sort of growth in all of my characters but especially my main characters. Even being a romantic suspense author there are lessons to be learned and stones that should or shouldn’t be overturned ever again. I hope the reader can take away a little piece of self-actualization when reading and identify with one or more of the characters in some way making them want to reconnect with them again in another book. It happened with The Lies That Bind and I think everyone is going to love the characters in Between Friends as well.  

You can learn more about D.L. by visiting her website. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.
Twitter: dlsparks

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spotlighting Jacqueline Luckett

Today's author spotlight is Jacqueline Luckett. Jacqueline took time from her busy schedule to stop by for an interview. I'm very honored that she agreed to the interview. Enjoy the interview and please support  Ms. Luckett. 

As an added bonus, Ms. Luckett has agree to give one lucky reader a copy of Passing Love which will be released on January 25, 2012. To be entered in the contest, you must answer this question by leaving your response in the comment section in this blog. The winner will be selected using

Question: In 2004 Ms. Luckett formed a group. What was the name of the group?
 Good luck

Congratulations Carol Peake!!!! 
You're the winner of Passing Love. 
Please email your address to me at Thanks to everyone who participated. Please continue to visit, and visit often for more contests!! 

Jacqueline Luckett is the author of Searching for Tina Turner and Passing Love (releases in January 2012). The Bay Area native lives and writes in Oakland, but takes time out to indulge her love of traveling the world as often as she can.


1.    What or who brings you the most joy and why?
I’m blessed because writing brings me joy. It’s true. Writing isn't easy. It demands discipline, attention to detail, a willingness to be open to constructive criticism, and a commitment see the work through to the end, no matter how long it takes. There’s a freedom in writing, a joy I’d say, to create a world, characters and events that is quite fulfilling. I love every minute of the entire process.

Just hearing readers tell me how much they’ve enjoyed my work brings me joy. I remember one of the first book club meetings I visited. I was nervous and unsure what to expect. Twelve of us sat around a table eating wonderful food. When we finished, a silence fell over the room. Then one of the members opened her copy of my first novel, SEARCHING FOR TINA TURNER. To my surprise, she’d highlighted sections of the text. With an earnestness that covered her whole face, she shared how she’d gained strength from my character’s determination. I was speechless. That was an amazing and joy-filled moment. I’m lucky to be doing what I’ve always wanted to do. Joy is a blessing, and if we’re lucky, that which brings us joy touches us often.

2.    Tell the readers something about yourself that they would be surprised to know/your hobbies.
I don’t know if I’d consider this surprising, but I’m a pretty good photographer. There’s something about photography that’s like writing. When I look through my camera’s lens, I compose scenes and stories.

What might be surprising is how I used the pictures I took on my last trip to Paris. I went to there to do research for my second novel. PASSING LOVE is the story of two women, one in the past and the other in the present, who visit Paris thinking it will change their lives—and it does, but not in the way either of them planned.

I’ve been to Paris several times. This last trip, I tried to photograph the city with the eye of a novice traveler. I captured the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and all the wonderful sites. I set out to take pictures of places my characters might like or find different from the U.S. I wanted to capture the everyday Paris as well. I wandered the streets and photographed ordinary things: the cobblestones, gum on the street, signs, the morning gutters filled with water and cigarette butts streaming down the streets, doors, signs, street lamps, and the gargoyles on the tops of buildings. I made an album of these pictures and used them as I wrote PASSING LOVE to recall the tiny details of Paris.

3.    What is one tip you would give those who are trying to become a writer?
Read, read, read. Don’t be afraid to stretch by reading books that are different from what you typically read. Step out of the box. Read books by writers whose works are good examples of craft. Choose one book and use it as a self-teaching tool. Study the way writers use all the different aspects of craft: voice, point of view, showing vs. telling, etc. I know some writers who practice writing sentences or scenes in the style of their favorite author to get a feel for their style. They use those exercises as a way to improve their own writing.

4.    Did you always want to be a writer?
When I was a young girl, my parents brought home tablets and pens from their jobs. I remember sitting at our dining room table and stacking the paper alongside the pens. There was something about all the white space in front of me that was magical. I pretended to be a secretary and wrote my own version of shorthand. I practiced my penmanship and covered pages with my name and all the letters of the alphabet. But what I loved most was filling up those blank pages with stories. Some of my stories and poems were published in our local newspapers.

I stopped writing in high school and college. After that most of the writing I did was job related. I wrote proposals and business letters. The desire to write was always there, but like many people I put that desire aside for all the other things going on in my life. I was inspired to write again when I took a creative writing class at a local university. That’s when my writing took off.  In my heart I always knew I wanted to write; it simply took my brain awhile to catch up.

5.    What is one thing you hope that readers would get from reading any of your books?
Women are the main characters in my new novel, PASSING LOVE, and SEARCHING FOR TINA TURNER. In these novels, the core characters are women who fight to stand up for themselves and make changes in their lives. Women are givers and supporters. Too often women sacrifice their own desires for the aspirations and plans of others.

The heart of both novels is the realization by the characters that they are strong women who are able to do whatever it takes to take on a challenge.

After reading my novels, I want readers to be inspired and to know that despite people and circumstances that try to prevent women from recognizing our potential, we must hold on to our dreams.

Thank you so much Ms. Luckett for such a great interview.  Visit Ms. Luckett's websites to learn more about her. She may be coming to a city near you. Check out her book tour. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Get Your Reading On This Holiday Season

This holiday season I decided to do something special for the readers and authors. In this special holiday blog, I will introduce you to many genres & authors. Some may be very familiar to you, others not. My hopes is that each of you will support them. A few of the featured authors have graciously offered books for various contests. Are you ready to read?

D.L. Sparks

(Click on the above link to view the book trailer)
This December three friends reunite setting the streets if Atlanta on fire. A drug bust gone wrong brings D.E.A. agent Orlando "TRIP" Spencer back to his hometown after being gone for years and he's not the only one unhappy about the return home. Idalis Arrington and Trip have been best friends since tey were little. Nothing or nobody could come between them, that's until she meets Lincoln. With Trip back in Atlanta Idalis' perfect world starts to get messy and she finds herself praying that his visit is a short one. But the question is can she hold it together or will the sound of the skeltons in her closet drown out what she's convinced herself has been the truth all these years? Lincoln "Linc" Briscoe, a Lieutenant with the Atlanta Police Deptartment, knows he has a lot at stake and his girl's best friend or not he refuses to let anyone, especially Trip Spencer, jeopardize what he's worked so hard to gain.
Will Trip and Lincoln be able to avoid the collision course they've been...

Pat Simmons

Guilty by Association is the story of Boston bad boy Kevin "Kidd" Jamieson. His gripe is with his father who dared to insust that his two illegitimate soms carry his last name. To add insult to injury, the man never bothered to stick around to provide love and guidance as his boys matured into men. Kidd's anger overflows into every area of his life. As his animosity festers, Kidd becomes as a roaring lion, seeking whatever and whomever he can devour. He's as gritty as his cousin in St. Louis, Parke Jamieson VI, is polished. The two strong-willed men clash when Kidd relocates to St. Louis where his cousin assures him it's a land of milk and money in job opportunities. Where he lands a position is far from a Promised Land. To read more of the synopsis and order your copy, visit her website

Mutima Jackson-Anderson

Synopsis of Painting the Perfect Picture: 
For many, perception overrides reality- for Rain Henderson, perception is everything! Beautiful and successful art gallery owner, Rain Henderson lives a life of luxury as the mistress of wealthy NBA superstar, Kevin Spivey. After unexpected detours shattered her picture perfect image, Rain will soon discover that being morally corrupt can produce life-threatening consequences. To learn more about Mutima, visit

Trice Hickman

This book is being re-released by Kensington/Dafina Books on January 31, 2012
After six years of marriage, Victoria and Ted are the ultimate power couple. She's a beautiful, business savvy sister who owns one of Atlanta's hottest event planning companies. He's a blue-eyed CEO who knows how to take care of business in and out of the boardroom. But their happy life quickly begins to unravel when long held desires and decades-old secrets come back to haunt them.

Marissa Monteilh

In the continuing tradition of the hit novel HOT BOYZ, celebrity, sex, money, and violence are all components of the long-awaited sequel called HOT GIRLZ, a family drama that explores the lives of three women, Mercedes, Venus, and Sequoia, the wives of wealthy brothers, Mason, Claude and Torino Wilson. This time it's seven years later as the housewives return to tell their stories. The ladies quickly prove that even with their fancy cars, big homes, designer clothes, and luscious spending sprees, the scandalous drama still continues in the upscale neighborhood of Ledera Heights, California.

Rickey Teems II

Book Trailer

You must check out this video. After watching it, I know that you will not be able to pass it up.

Brian Ganges
Have you ever felt condemned, belittled or judged by someone in the church? A place that should be known as an oasis of love that provides spiritual support, guidance, and refuge. Unfortunately, it is often characterized as a place that is full of bondage, drama, confusion, betrayal, and insensitivity, where many people extol the preacher more so than God. In  his second book, Lord, Delover Me From Church Folks, award-winning author Brian Ganges breaks through the walls of religion and political correctness, while confronting matters that many in the church sweep under the proverbial rug.

Sharel E. Gordon-Love

In The Putting Away, Denise, a single mom, has finally met the man of her dreams; one she can settle down with. As a bonus, he is the perfect partner to help her to raise her son, Amie. Bernard loves Denise with all of his heart, and other than his weekend drinking binges, he's a pretty good man. The break up to make up scenario makes it all better and pacifies Denise every time.

Will Denise continue to allow abuse to shatter her life? Will Tonya stop making excuses for the man she loves? AS every act of abuse takes away a small part of them, will there be nothing left to take? The Putting Away is a heart-wrenching, yet formidable tale of how the power of God can heal any situation even those that are put to the test. You can purchase the book by visiting this website. Currently, Peace In The Storm Publishing is offering a kindle special for all their authors. You can download books for $5. 

Pamela Rice

The old saying is true. You never know what's going on in someone else's home.

From the outside looking in, Yolanda Clarke appears to have it all. She's a beautiful woman, and her husband, Timothy, is the pastor of BrightStar Tabernacle. Timothy is easy on the eyes as well, often being told he resembles Harry Belafonte. They seem to have the perfect life. But, looks are certainly deceiving.

Yolanda has become a puppet on a string, totally controlled by Timothy. While everyone at church thinks he walks on water, Yolanda knows the person behind the mask. His constant verbal tirades, physical and emotional abuse has become unbearable.

In walks Andre Hunter. He's the type of man that can make any woman forget all her troubles. his chocolate skin, pearly whites and beautiful smile enthrall Yolanda. She has never entertained the idea of infidelity, but the abuse and lack of intimacy at home makes her adulterous affair justifiable in her mine. Andre gives Yolanda everything she's missing at home-respect, conversation, and passion behind closed doors. But, Andre is hiding secrets of his own. Want to know more? Visit Pamela's website to learn more.

Jessica Robinson

On the outside looking in, Keisha Mahone appears to have the perfect life. She's a married, mother of two with a house in the suburbs but inwardly she struggles with a deep, dark, secret that has plagued her life since she was a little girl. Since her mother's drug overdose, Keisha has been the glue that seems to hold it all together but a phone call from her Aunt Darlene completely rocks her world. Up until that point, she has worked hard at maintain a stable, carefree life that she never had but the unexpected phone call from home forces her so called "perfect life" to come crashing down before her very eyes. Now she's hit head on with family secrets and lies that she's tried so hard to leave behind. Pretty Skeletons will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions as one woman is faced to deal with the demons of her past.

Russel Blake

"This book honors uplifts, encourages, motivates, and empowers all women. The strength of the idea is to communicate the precious and priceless value/existence of Black Women to the minds of black men, the rights to be treated with unwavering respect and dignity in the minds of black women and the seeds of reverence to be sown by virtue of changing perception one community at a time. If one black woman is thought to be expandable, then every Black Women's immeasurable value is now diminished in the eyes of the world." Russel Blake

Jennifer Dean
*Mrs. Dean is running a special on her website*

Death and loss are introduced early in the life of Brendan Maxwell, and he is pushed into the dark world of dangerous street life.  But after a failed suicide attempt, he reacquaints himself with Someone he once knew and is now a man determined to rise from the ashes to live a God-ordained life, especially when he discovers the unique gift he has to comfort others.
            Fighting his way to the top, Brendan faces battles in love, school, judgment from others and guilt for his past mistakes.  His determination is tested even further when he encounters challenges from a well-known enemy, threatening to throw him again into a world of darkness.  The battle is fierce.  Will Brendan give up everything he's worked so hard for, or allow the greater One in him to bring deliverance?

Paulette Harper (Black Friday deals until December 10, 2011)

Life’s daily struggles can often leave us perplexed and bewildered on how to cope with hard issues. In Completely Whole, Paulette Harper offers keys to help those who are searching for answers that can lead to a life of complete wholeness: Spirit, Soul and Body. Completely Whole focuses on how to overcome suffering caused by alcoholism, substance abuse, poverty, and other obstacles blocking the path to a life of wholeness.

Jacqueline Luckett

"A fierce, beautiful tour de force...Luckett is a writer to watch and admire." ZZ Packer
Passing Love, the story of two women dealing with lost love, secrets, and betrayal...and how Paris may hold their answers, releases January 25, 2012.  Pre-order today!

Pheare Alexander
I played with it and ran my fingers through it. It was warm and tasted delightful. My name is McClaine Henry. Find out what I'm talking about. Read Str8 Laced by Pheare might want some when you're done reading. Make your Kindle happy at $2.99 Amazon and for you Nook lovers" Pheare Alexander

Jumata Emill Jones


The Perfect Couple?
Emerson McGee has spent most of his life living with a secret, and the first-year law student's menacing struggles with his sexuality is only the half of it. His wife, Danielle, has her own scars of adolescent heachache-which she thinly veils behind her facade as an upper-middle class princess. The newlywed's cookie-cutter marriage is abruptly interrupted when they make a reluctant move into the quaint house Emerson inherited from his deceased grandmother.Unbeknownst to them, there's already something else living there: A malevolent entity hell-bent on exposing its connection to Emerson and the tragic secret they share.
While a mysterious narrator recounts the details of his abject life, the McGees' vengeful poltergeist pulls Danielle deeper into a mystery that has an impoverished ghetto in South Baton Rouge-aptly called "Da Bottom"-for nearly a decasde, and spills into the provocative world of New Orleans hoodoo. Before its final scare, Never Dead concludes with a bloody twist the McGees never saw coming.

Portia Cosby

Little About the book
“I agreed to “for better or for worse’, but I need more “better” and some of that cherishing we spoke of. Can I review my contract, please?”
Dana Hall has been more than patient with Ric and his never-ending issues. She has supported his pipe dreams and bitten her tongue when he’s lost his jobs, but infidelity is inexcusable. When Ric adds the P.Y.T. from work, numerous text messages, and risqué emails to the stewing pot, he finds he has created a recipe for disaster. It’s his secret ingredient, though, that sends Dana over the edge.
"If love doesn't hurt, why am I holding this ice on my jaw again? Did 'until death do us part' mean he's going to kill me?"
Willow Townsend is torn. On most days, Vaughn could tutor Prince Charming in the art of being a good man. Then, there are the other days…She understands that a woman should be submissive to her husband, but is pretty sure the Bible didn’t mean for it to be achieved through violence. After Vaughn throws his worst temper tantrum ever, will she leave her convoluted fairytale or wait around for the happy ending.

We said, ‘in sickness and in health’, but… herpes? I was thinking cancer or kidney failure.” Crystal Moss is married to R&B superstar, Dante. Due to the nature of his profession, she has adopted the “If I don’t see it, it isn’t happening” rule when it comes to groupies and cheating and found a way to cope with her lonely nights. When Dante gets sloppy and breaks one of their rules, the tabloids have a field day and Crystal is faced with a tough decision: kill him in his sleep or while he’s awake?

Cosha Hayes


Gabrielle thought she had found the perfect guy in Tre’ Johnson. He was all she ever wanted in a man. He was handsome, romantic, loveable and he swept her right off her feet. Her dreams had finally come true. Her fairy tale relationship/marriage was suddenly about to come to a devastating end. Gabrielle soon realizes that the man she married and who fathered her only son was suddenly becoming someone she didn’t know. The lies, cheating, sneaking around and odd behavior were making her regret her not so perfect married life. Was Tre’ getting tired of the married life or was he just showing her the person he really was all along. Gabrielle’s discovery of the person she married was mindboggling. She realized that from the beginning who she thought of Tre’ Johnson was only a Misconception.

Shelia Goss

Shelia M Goss brings readers a modern day retelling of David and Bathsheba.
Bathsheba Richards has just discovered that she has a half-sister who needs her help. Sheba’s long lost sister isn’t too happy about their reunion, though, since she has a lot of problems of her own. Sheba’s dealing with her husband’s boss, who wants her all to himself. After succumbing to his advances, Sheba gets pregnant, and there’s no question about who the daddy is, since her husband has been overseas for the past three months.
David King is the CEO of one of the largest media conglomerates in the country. Few people know that David has a calling on his life, but he's been running from it. He thought having fame and fortune would fulfill the need. Only after Sheba gets pregnant does he realize the error of his ways. Praying for God's mercy, David tries to right a wrong. Whether he will succeed or fail remains to be seen.
With a long lost half-sister and a husband who will surely feel betrayed, Sheba's life is filled with turmoil. Will David be her knight in shining armor as he professes to be, or is her nightmare just beginning?
Visit's Shelia's website to read an excerpt from Ruthless.

Electa Rome Parks
Message from Electa: "Black Friday is behind us, but are you still looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Do you have any avid readers on your list? Well...I'm having a clearance sale just in time for your holiday shopping needs. I have copies of Almost Doesn't Count, True Confessions and Diary of a Stalker." You can email Electa at for prices.

She’s back, and this time it’s all about revenge.
Tall, dark, and handsome bestselling male author Xavier Preston thought his nightmare—in the form of Pilar, a fanatical stalker/fan—had finally ended. Little does he know it’s only beginning. When Xavier met Pilar, he got much more than he bargained for. What started out as an erotic one-night stand quickly turned into a dangerous game of obsession and pain, with both parties playing to win. Then she simply disappeared.
Stunning Pilar hasn’t gone away, though. In fact, she has been very near, watching his every move and patiently waiting for him to realize they were meant to be together forever. She still believes they’re soul mates, and the only option for her is “Until death do us part.” If she can’t have Xavier, then no one can. Now no one is safe—not his friends, and definitely not him.
Revenge can be a real killer.

Margaret Johnson-Hodge


Nobody asked Erica Lorraine Simpson if it was okay for her husband to die. Not God, not her husband. Nobody. But he did die, leaving Erica alone and widowed at the age of 45. Anger has her now, sprinkled with grief, disbelief and profound sadness. It’s the worst part, she thinks. But Erica’s wrong. It’s not the worst part. The ‘worst part’ is on its way and it will take her places she never dreamed she’d go. For Erica, the ‘worst part’ is learning how to keep on living when the one who meant the most to her is gone…

Cheris Hodges

A Party Girl's Work Is Never Done...
At twenty-seven, Marie Charles is still Charlotte's number one party girl. But when she adds a DWI arrest and a totaled Jaguar to her list of tabloid news-making escapades, her daddy is done bailing her out. Sentenced to five hundred hours of community service at My Sister's Keeper, a homeless shelter for women, Marie won't have much time left for partying...
Renowned chef and TV star Devon Harris volunteers at My Sister's Keeper. And he's not happy Marie is joining him. He may be single and may be gorgeous-but the last thing he's interested in is a superficial southern belle. But as Marie outgrows the selfish girl she was, Devon is turned in by the woman she's becoming...

My sister from another mother, Tiffany L Warren, has a holiday special going on right now. You can't pass up this deal. All her novel, including her teen novels as well are $7 each. For more information, email Tiffany @ or you can find her on Facebook.

Her pen name for her teen novels is Nikki Carter. T
here are two series, A So For Real Series & The Fab Life Series

Calandra "Staxx" Brown-Lafleur


Meet Devine, a smart, hard-headed, outspoken diva, who thinks her shit doesn’t stink. She has no time for love and vows to avoid it while staying focused on becoming a nurse. That is, until she meets…Devin.
Meet Lauren, the nice, soft spoken, “attorney in training” of the group, is an only child whose parents are attorneys. She struggles to live up to the high expectations that they have set for her. That is, until she meets…Curtis.
Meet Brooke, the beautiful, promiscuous, songstress who uses sex to fill the voids in her life. She searches for love in all the wrong places. That’s until she meets…James
Meet Denise, the fun loving, charity case of the group. She vows to make life better for herself than what her mother provided. She has her life planned out to the fullest.
That is, until she meet…Sean
Join them as they make decisions that will alter their lives…FOREVER

Natasha Gooch


Diamond is a beautiful Christian woman who finds herself caught up on the glitz and glamour with Taurus. He was everything she dreamt of and more...driven, motivated, handsome, compassionate, and debonair. Diamond had thought she could find true happiness in him, and thought he was her soul mate.

Through a series of events she realizes what she considered being a"perfect life" wasn't all so perfect. Broken Promises will take you on a long journey as a young woman struggles with what she feels is perfect for and what God actually has for her...
"Be careful of what you pray for because it just might come to pass!"

Karla Brady


The sequel to the award-winning book club favorite The Bum Magnet features the return of the smart, quick-witted, loveable real estate agent with a long memory and a short fuse. Sassy and successful real estate agent Charisse Tyson is about to tie the knot with the man of her dreams, but the wedding has everyone, including Charisse, under a lot of pressure.

As Charisse and the love of her life march toward matrimony,his hidden past is revealed, Charisse’s missing-in-action father resurfaces, and things heat up with Charisse’s best guy friend. Suddenly Charisse is faced with many new questions regarding her life decisions, and she must figure out just how right or wrong she was all along.

Bernice McFadden


Gathering of Waters is a deeply engrossed tale narrated by the town of Money, Mississippi—a site both significant and infamous in our collective story as a nation. Money is personified in this haunting story, which chronicles its troubled history following the arrival of the Hilson and Bryant families.
Tass Hilson and Emmett Till were young and in love when Emmett was brutally murdered in 1955. Anxious to escape the town, Tass marries Maximillian May and relocates to Detroit.
Forty years later, after the death of her husband, Tass returns to Money and fantasy takes flesh when Emmett Till’s spirit is finally released from the dank, dark waters of the Tallahatchie River. The two lovers are reunited, bringing the story to an enchanting and profound conclusion.
Gathering of Waters mines the truth about Money, Mississippi, as well as the town’s families and threads their history over decasdes. The bare-bones realism—both disturbing and riveting—combined with a magical realm in which ghosts have the final say, is reminiscent of Toni Morrison’s Beloved.

Daphine Glenn Robinson