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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Releases for January

Do you have a passion for reading? But, you find it hard to keep up with release dates. Let me help you solve that problem. Visit here and visit often for all the current new releases that are either trade or ebooks and re-releases.

Have you heard about A Chapter A Month? You haven't? Well, you have to check it out. A Chapter Month features some of the talented authors in the literary world. Each month you can purchase super-sized chapters for only .99 cents. You can download each chapter right on your computer, iPad, Nook, Kindle or any other e reader format. I heard that they are bringing 2012 in with a bang. New chapters available January 4, 2012. I'm looking forward to Candy Jackson's new story, One Man's Trash. As well as DiShan Winters-Washington's story Let's Get It On. Brace yourself, it's Christian Erotica. Victoria Christopher Murray is the mastermind behind ACAM!

Candy Jackson

ReShonda Tate Billingsley & Victoria Christopher Murray
Team Rachel

Team Jasmine

Release Date: January 10, 2012

Bestselling and award-winning novelists Victoria Christopher Murray and ReShonda Tate Billingsley bring their favorite heroines together in a novel that will delight their legions of fans.
Jasmine Larson Bush and Rachel Jackson Adams are not your typical first ladies. But they’ve overcome their scandalous and drama-filled pasts to stand firmly by their husbands’ sides.
When a coveted position opens up—president of the American Baptist Coalition— both women think their husbands are perfect for the job. And winning the position may require both women to get down and dirty and revert to their old tricks. Just when Jasmine and Rachel think they’re going to have to fight to the finish, the current first lady of the coalition steps in . . . a woman bigger, badder, and more devious than either of them.
Double the fun with a message of faith, Sinners & Saints will delight readers with two of their favorite characters from two of their favorite authors.

Rhonda McKnight

Available now in mass market & in ereader format

Samaria Jacobs is a deceitful, yet captivating diva who will do anything to win the heart of her married lover. Will she get her man or destroy herself and everyone else in the process?Samaria has her sights set on Gregory Preston. A successful surgeon, he has just the bankroll she needs to keep her in the lifestyle that her credit card debt has helped her grow accustomed to. He's married, but Samaria would never let a little thing like that get in her way.Samaria joins New Mercies Christian Church to get close to Gregory's wife. If she gets to know Angelina Preston, she can become like her in more than just looks, and really work her way into Greg's heart.Angelina's life is filled with a successful career and busy ministry work, but something's just not right with her marriage. Late nights, early meetings, lipstick- and perfume-stained shirts have her suspicious that Greg is doing a little more operating than she'd like. But does she have the strength to confront the only man she's ever loved and risk losing him to the other woman?Just when Samaria thinks she's got it all figured out, she finds herself drawn to Angelina's kindness. Will she be able to carry out her plan after she finds herself yearning for the one thing she's never had. . .the friendship of a woman?

Release Date: January 31, 2012

Angelina Preston tunes out the voice of God when she decides to divorce her husband, Greg. She's forgiven him for his affair, but she won't forget, even though her heart is telling her to. Shortly after she files divorce papers, she finds out her non-profit organization is being investigated by the IRS for money laundering. In the midst of the very public scandal, Angelina becomes ill. Through financial and physical trials, she learns that faith and forgiveness may really be the cure for all that ails her, but can she forgive the people who hurt her most?

Sexy, successful Dr. Gregory Preston didn't appreciate his wife when he had her. His affair with a devious man-stealer has him put out of his home and put off with women who continue to throw themselves at him. Greg wants his wife back, but he'll have to do some fancy operating to get her. When the secrets and lies from his past continue to mess up his future, Greg finds himself looking to the God he abandoned long ago for a miracle only faith can provide.

Electa Rome Parks

Available in mass market & in ereader format

Never judge a book by its cover. . .
Xavier Preston is tall, dark, and handsome, and the problem is that he knows it. He's a bestselling author who is accustomed to adoring female fans, both young and old, flirting with him, throwing themselves shamelessly at him, and trying to get between more than the covers of his novels. He has always been more than willing to accommodate their needs and desires; however, his womanizing days have finally ended. He's engaged to a beautiful woman, Kendall, and he's decided to walk the straight and narrow. Or has he?
From outside appearances, the very stunning Pilar has it all: a great career, a beautiful home, and a trust fund that keeps her financially secure; however, looks can be deceiving. All that glitters isn't necessarily gold. Pilar is searching for her perfect soulmate, and she thinks she has found him in Xavier. She believes in going after what she wants with a vengeance . . . and she wants Xavier. That is not negotiable. She will have him, even if it kills him.
When Xavier meets his fanatical fan, Pilar, he gets much more than he bargained for. What starts out as an erotic one-night stand quickly spirals out of control into a dangerous game of obsession and pain with both parties playing to win.
Release Date January 31, 2012
Think you know what goes on behind the literary scene? Think again.
She's back, and this time it's all about revenge.

Tall, dark, and handsome bestselling male author Xavier Preston thought his nightmare--in the form of Pilar, a fanatical stalker/fan--had finally ended. Little does he know it's only beginning. 

When Xavier met Pilar, he got much more than he bargained for. What started out as an erotic one-night stand quickly turned into a dangerous game of obsession and pain, with both parties playing to win. Then she simply disappeared.

Stunning Pilar hasn't gone away, though. In fact, she has been very near, watching his every move and patiently waiting for him to realize they were meant to be together forever. She still believes they're soul mates, and the only option for her is "Until death do us part." If she can't have Xavier, then no one can. Now no one is safe--not his friends, and definitely not him. 

Revenge can be a real killer.

Daphine Glenn Robinson

Release Date: January 19, 2012
Deidre Thompson believed her marriage was finally on the right track. After all, her husband, Stanley told her there would be no more secrets, no more lies. When they move back home to their hometown after being away for fifteen years, Deidre discovers a family secret that shakes the foundation of their unsteady marriage. Through the pain, she remains committed to him because of her vows and faith, despite the evidence she holds in the palm of her hand.
Sometimes it takes a woman a long time to realize what everyone else has seen since the beginning. He’s not the one.
When Stanley’s lies and old secrets are uncovered, they are enough to send Deidre running-straight to Las Vegas-to an old friend and into the arms of another man.

K.L. Brady

Release Date: January 31, 2012
The sequel to the award-winning book club favorite The Bum Magnet features the return of the smart, quick witted, loveable real estate agent who also has a short fuse and an affinity for Grey Goose vodka.Sassy and successful real estate agent Charisse Tyson is about to tie the knot with sexy undercover agent and man of her dreams, Kevin, but the wedding has everyone, including Charisse, under a lot of pressure. As Charisse and Kevin march toward matrimony, Kevin’s hidden past is revealed, Charisse’s deadbeat father resurfaces, and things heat up with Charisse’s best guy friend. Suddenly Charisse is faced with many new questions regarding her life decisions, and she must figure out just how right or wrong she was all along.

Trice Hickman

Release Date: January 31, 2012
What would you do if the secret you were keeping could set you free, yet ultimately devastate the ones you love?.........After six years of marriage, Victoria and Ted are the ultimate power couple. She's a beautiful, business savvy sister who owns one of Atlanta's most sought after event planning companies. He's a powerful, blue-eyed CEO who knows how to take care of business in and out of the boardroom. But their seemingly happy life begins to unravel in the blink of an eye when long held desires and decades old secrets come back to haunt them. Victoria's road to deceit begins when Parker Brightwood re-enters her life. She thought she'd gotten over the brazenly handsome surgeon who once stole her heart, but an unusual set of circumstances ushers the ebony prince back on the scene, and this time he's determined to win her back at any cost. Ted's undoing begins with his mother's sudden death, and a mysterious secret that leads to unexpected places. When the truth is finally revealed, it's a realization so shocking, it threatens the life and marriage he holds so dear. As Victoria and Ted journey down a road filled with uncertainty, they're forced to take a hard, honest look at themselves and confront their hidden fears. Can they repair the damage before it's too late, or will they follow a path headed toward destruction?

D.L. Sparks

Available now nationwide & in ereader format

This December three friends reunite setting the streets of Atlanta on fire. A drug bust gone wrong brings D.E.A. agent ORLANDO “TRIP” SPENCER back to his hometown after being gone for years and he’s not the only one unhappy about the return home. IDALIS ARRINGTON and Trip have been best friends since they were little. Nothing or nobody could come between them, that’s until she meets Lincoln. With Trip back in Atlanta Idalis’ perfect world starts to get messy and she finds herself praying that his visit is a short one. But the question is can she hold it together or will the sound of the skeletons in her own closet drown out what she’s convinced herself has been the truth all these years? LINCOLN “LINC’ BRISCOE, a Lieutenant with the Atlanta Police Department, knows he has a lot at stake and his girl’s best friend or not he refuses to let anyone, especially Trip Spencer, jeopardize what he’s worked so hard to gain.
Will Trip and Lincoln be able to avoid the collision course they’ve been on all these years or will they collide and explode, taking down everyone, including their careers, in their wake? Can Idalis handle the pressure brought on by Trip and Lincoln’s animosity or will she crack revealing her own shortcomings?

There is no telling what can happen when the truth is revealed

Bernice McFadden

Available January 31, 2012 or you can purchase now from publisher
Gathering of Waters is a deeply engrossing tale narrated by the town of Money, Mississippi--a site both significant and infamous in our collective story as a nation. Money is personified in this haunting story, which chronicles its troubled history following the arrival of the Hilson and Bryant families.

Tass Hilson and Emmett Till were young and in love when Emmett was brutally murdered in 1955. Anxious to escape the town, Tass marries Maximillian May and relocates to Detroit.

Forty years later, after the death of her husband, Tass returns to Money and fantasy takes flesh when Emmett Till's spirit is finally released from the dank, dark waters of the Tallahatchie River. The two lovers are reunited, bringing the story to an enchanting and profound conclusion.

Gathering of Waters mines the truth about Money, Mississippi, as well as the town's families, and threads their history over decades. The bare-bones realism--both disturbing and riveting--combined with a magical realm in which ghosts have the final say, is reminiscent of Toni Morrison's Beloved.