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Monday, February 18, 2013

Meet AlTonya Washington

Today, I introduce you to AlTonya Washington. AlTonya is the author of twelve novels, three ebooks and one nonfiction ebook. After you read more about AlTonya, I hope you’ll support her and purchase her novels.

 Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I wear many hats, daughter, sister, friend, significant other, librarian, author and most importantly MOM!!! Reading, writing, movie watching are a few of my favorite things- I love to cook- but rarely have the time to really get down with it anymore.

What do you do when you are not writing? Reading!! Going to the movies when I can. I spend a lot of time with my son-who I think will be a big movie buff. We adore the superhero genre (is that a genre?) At any rate, I love spending time with him and I just generally try anything that will help me relax my brain-these characters are always talking to me J

Do you ever experience writer’s block? (Thanking God and knocking on wood) No.

How did you choose the genre you write in and what’s the genre? I write in the romance genre (contemporary, historical and erotica). My reading tastes are expansive, but when I discovered the romance genre at age 13, I was hooked. After college, I realized I wanted more out of the romances I adored. I wanted more characters that looked like me. I couldn’t find them, so I decided to write my own.

Where do you get your ideas? From all over the place. I can hear a phrase that generates an entire idea. I was taking a drive last month and passed a row of trees planted in such a way they made this beautiful path along the interstate- I wondered about people who work in the logging and milling businesses and wondered what sort of family they’d be…got an idea for a possible saga later down the line…

Is anything in your books based on real life experiences or purely all imagination? No- so far it’s all imagination. Bits and pieces of characters mind sets and such may be based faintly on someone I know but that’s about as far as it has gone.

Which book did you enjoy the most writing and why? Wild Ravens. My first historical- until then, I had never read an historical featuring AA characters although I adore the historical romance genre. I had the best time researching and finding basis for the story I wanted to create. Setting the story in Haiti, Dominica, Cuba…it was wonderful discovering those places and crafting the characters there.

Did you have any challenges getting your first book published? Well I had no idea what I was doing. I sort of taught myself, researching for the best house to send it and then teaching myself the proper way to prepare a submission package. The waiting was a beast so that in itself was a major challenge. I wouldn’t trade that time for anything-I learned so much.

Tell us about your current novel? My most recent release is with my traditional publishing house Harlequin. I write for the Kimani Romance line and I’ve just released Provocative Territory which features Elias Joss and Clarissa David. Elias comes from a long line of playboys and Clarissa is the image of his father’s former mistress. Turns out that Clarissa is the woman’s niece. Elias is determined to fight his attraction for Clarissa, impossible when Elias’s construction company is handling the redesign the gentleman’s clubs owned by Clarissa’s aunt. Equally impossible when Elias can’t fight Clarissa’s alluring disposition and her effortless ability to intrigue him.

How can readers contact you? They can find me all over the place. Here are my Twitter, Facebook, GoodReads links and website address.

I like to throw in one wacky question. J
Be honest how often do you wash your hair? Once a week. (I may skip a week if going to see my stylist!)

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