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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Meet Faynetta Lavergne Burrle

Inside Deception
Published by Aloema Publishing- January 2012
Kindle edition- December 2012
(Both editions can be purchased on Amazon)

After suffering from a traumatic childhood, including sexual abuse at the hands of her biological father, Andrea Ranch thought that her life would never be the same. That was, until she laid eyes on Keith Griffin while on the campus of University of Louisiana. And from that moment on, he became her prized possession.

Years later, Andrea is still determined to become one with Keith Griffin. But there is one thing standing in her way—Eva English, Keith’s fiancĂ©e. In her quest to destroy the couple’s happily ever after ending, Andrea gets entangled in a twisted web of lies, sinister deception, and erotomanic delusions.

Left in a psychosomatic state with nowhere to turn, Andrea finds herself in a psychiatric hospital. Yes, the same one where Eva, her number one nemesis, just so happens to be employed. The wheels to this tale ultimately spin out of control when Dr. Stacy Reynolds, Eva’s best friend, is faced with the professional duty to help restore Andrea’s mental stability and the moral dilemma to defend her friend. Will she fulfill her professional obligation or will vengeance be hers?

Readers can contact Faynette via the following:

Facebook-Faynetta Lavergne Burrle


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