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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chatting it up with Pamela D. Rice

Today, I had the opportunity to speak with author, Pamela D. Rice. Pam is a powerhouse with a pen. I always enjoy talking to her. If you haven’t read any of her books, I hope you will after you read this interview & feature.

Where are you from? 

I am from a small community in South Carolina called Little Africa that was founded by freed slaves in the 1800’s

What was your inspiration for The Monday Night Mistress?

I decided to write “The Monday Night Mistress” after seeing so many stories in the media about incestuous relationships. Prayerfully, writing about it will create a dialogue and bring healing. 

What other books have you authored? Tell us about them. 

My first book was “The Sunday Morning Wife”, which deals with domestic violence. You can read the entire first chapter @
Do you use an outline or do you let your story unfold naturally? 

A little of both. When an idea pops into my head, I write a quick synopsis and use it as a guideline to let the story unfold.
From your experience, what key ingredients do new writers need to succeed in the book industry? 

Continue to hone your craft. You have to invest time and research your topics in order to write a believable story. Also, develop a thick skin. Rejection comes with the territory.

Besides writing, what else do you like to do?

I love to travel, cook, and explore other cultures

About the Books

The Monday Night Mistress

Layla James has fallen passionately in love with Grayson Miles; a handsome man with the charisma to match his looks. The chemistry between the two is ignitable. The fire that lies between them is so tempting that breaking the rules is hotter than maintaining ambiguity. There is only one obstacle preventing Layla and Grayson from being a couple; Grayson is engaged to Layla’s cousin Sofia. Soon what’s done in secret comes out in the wash and the devastating emotional aftermath which follows discovery is overwhelming. The revelation leaves Sofia distraught as she struggles to deal with the infidelity of her fiancĂ© and the added sting that his lover is the one person she loved like a sister. 

Psychological torture ensues and brings the emotionally draining experience to a head and Sophia confronts Layla, and they both discover hidden secrets which are darker than anything they ever could have imagined. The family tree is shaken and uprooted from the core by one dark disclosure after another. 
Life becomes even more complicated for those involved in this intricate life triangle. As fate would have it, final options for survival lies in the hands of one person – the woman who was betrayed the most.

The Sunday Morning Wife

The old saying is true. You never know what's going on in someone else's home. From the outside looking in, Yolanda Clarke appears to have it all. She's a beautiful woman, and her husband, Timothy, is the pastor of BrightStar Tabernacle. They seem to have the perfect life. But, looks are certainly deceiving. Yolanda has become a puppet on a string, totally controlled by Timothy. While everyone at church thinks he walks on water, Yolanda knows the person behind the mask. His constant verbal tirades, physical and emotional abuse has become unbearable. In walks Andre Hunter. He's the type of man that can make any woman forget all her troubles. His chocolate skin, pearly whites, and beautiful smile enthrall Yolanda. She has never entertained the idea of infidelity, but the abuse and lack of intimacy at home makes her adulterous affair justifiable in her mind. Andre gives Yolanda everything she's missing at home- respect, conversation, and passion behind closed doors. But, Andre is hiding secrets of his own. Will Yolanda finally climb from the abyss of despair she's lived in with Timothy and move to a brighter tomorrow with Andre? Or will she forever remain "The Sunday Morning Wife?"

To learn more about Pamela, please visit her website at

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